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Passive Fire Services

How can we assist on your project?

The passive fire division of Precision Fire Protection Services offers a wide range of solution for all your passive fire needs. Our FPAS accredited team can inspect, review, and certify the passive fire systems installed within your new or existing building.

If your existing building require a review of the passive systems, our team can assess current installations and provide recommendations for rectification to comply with current standards.

To meet current standards for new projects our team can review various passive systems to determine which one best suits the construction material being used and is the best fit for the service being protected.

Our services include the installation of passive systems to protect the following services through both vertical and horizontal substrates:

  • Metal Pipes (Sprinkler pipe, Hydrant Pipe, Iron Pipe)
  • Copper/Brass Services
  • Single/Multiple Cables
  • Cable Trays
  • PVC Pipes
  • Fire Rated Access Panels
  • Fire Rated Bulkheads
  • Fire Rated Concrete/Mortar
  • Fire/Smoke Doors
  • Fire/Smoke seals

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We offer service and maintenance ensuring your compliance with certification requirements.

We offer the installation, assessment and certification of passive fire systems per key Aus standards.